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January Featured Jewelry Artist – Pam Minton

  • Black Onyx Gold Spire Necklace
  • Byzantine Golden Ring
  • Geometric Hammered Metal Necklace
  • Gold Spire with Black Onyx Necklace
  • Golden Seahorse Necklace
  • Alexander the Great Pendant Necklace
  • Yak Bone Earrings

New Artisan Jewelry this January at Studio 333 Downtown from local Bay Area Designer, Pam Minton

This January our featured Jewelry Artist/Designer is Pam Minton. With fresh, fashionable, designs Pam’s newest collection has ample Artistic range.

Studio 333 Downtown (Local Sausalito Art Gallery) has over 25+ of Pam Minton’s unique pieces of jewelry.

Shop her exclusive New Jewelry Collection at

Secret Locking Handmade Leather Handbag from Nahigan Designs

  • 2014 Designer Accessories
  • Trendy Fashion Slingpack Purses
  • Leather Clutches from Local Designer
  • Luxury Cross Body Handbag
  • Luxury Leather Crossbody Purse
  • Leather Purses – Crossbody
  • Leather Purse
  • Slingpack Purse

Handmade Leather Slingpack – Crossbody Purse

Now available at Studio 333 Downtown, Nahigan Designs Crossbody Purses (Handbags, Clutches) with a secret locking mechanism. Stand out from the corporate designer handbags and keep it local.

What’s so special about this Purse?

One, you can only find it at Studio 333 Downtown. It is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Two, the secret lock on the front is so much fun. The color options are great as well, versions of red, lime green and deep blue.

Where can I buy a Handmade Leather Purse like this?

Buy the Secret Locking Handmade Leather Handbag at This purse goes with almost every style and is a must have in your closet.



Winter Fashion – Select Jewelry from Studio 333 Downtown

  • Artist Designed Earrings
  • Artist Designed Necklace
  • Ethically Sourced Necklace
  • Steampunk Key Necklace
  • Steampunk Jewelry
  • Key Necklace
  • Tagua Nut Bracelets
  • Tagua Nut Necklaces
  • Vintage Fabric Lace Bracelets
  • Vintage Leather Bracelets

Shop Artisan Handmade Jewelry at Studio 333 Downtown


Winter Fashions (Artisan Jewelry)

Studio 333 Downtown is excited to offer the newest Artisan Jewelry sourced locally from Northern California. All of our Jewelry Designers either design and make pieces locally (or source them ethically).


Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Accessories

We have several local jewelry designers that represent the eccentricity of the Bay. From Steam Punk, Fashion, Tagua Nut and various other styles of Jewelry, there is something for everyone here.


Featured Designers in Selection

Artists featured in this photo shoot include Pam Minton, Margo Tettamanzi, EWA Designs (Roselynn Collins), Compass Rose Design (Creek Van Houten) and Tama Star.


Shop our Online Store Studio 333 Downtown for more great locally designed and/or made jewelry.

Gneiss Wood – Inspirational Driftwood

  • California Driftwood Laser Engraved
  • California Driftwood Laser Engraved
  • California Driftwood Laser Engraved
  • California Driftwood Laser Engraved
  • California Driftwood Laser Engraved

Gneiss Wood specializes in using wood to evoke emotion. Whether that be laughter, happiness, solace, or anything in between.

Each piece of driftwood is found on the Northern California Coast, in the process Gneiss Wood picks up all trash in their path.

Good for the environment, good for the soul.

Gneiss Wood has a piece of wood for everyone.

Sausalito Gingerbread House Competition

The Sausalito California Annual Gingerbread House Competition has begun...

Studio 333 Downtown needs your help with votes! Come in and check out the beautiful Gingerbread House that our very own Eileen made!

An exact Gingerbread replica of our famed Sausalito Fountains. Complete with Elephants!

And stop in soon for all of your Holiday Shopping. We literally have something...
Read more

Rims & Goggles Trunk Show


Rims & Goggles Trunk Show with Studio 333

Jewelry Artist Roselynn Collins showing off the newest from Art Gallery Studio 333

Come visit  us for a trunk show this Sat starting at 11:30pm.

Studio 333 Downtown is joining Rims & Goggles for a fun shopping day with eye glasses, sun glasses and gifts for men and women. Need some help finding that right frame for your face or just need some hot new shades for you or your loved one?

Here’s the day.

The ladies and gentleman at Rims & Goggles will do you right, fitting you with just that right frame.  After that, grab some Christmas gifts all at the same time! Can’t get much better than this!

606 Strawberry Village, Mill Valley

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